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  Integrated Screening Partners Announces Unprecedented Screening Program 
  Integrated Screening Partners Announces Launch of SafeRoommates 
  Background Checks are Crucial in Stopping Hiring ‘Mistakes’  Read more >>
  Promesa Changes Name to Integrated Screening Partners. 
  Criminal Background Checks Incomplete 
  How Reliable are State Criminal Records and Online Databases?   Read more >>
  Info Breach Puts Data Firm in Hot Seat  Read more >>
  U.S. May Restrict Sale of Social Security Numbers  Read more >>
  What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You  
  Holes found in cheap background checks: $10 online services often don't reveal criminal history   Read more >>
  Hackers have compromised databases belonging to LexisNexis and stolen info on at least 32,000 people   Read more >>
  Firm Liable for Rape by Employee  
  Church ordered to pay for negligence in alleged sexual assault   Read more >>

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