Industry Update
ISP will be attending SHRM-Texas State Council 11th Annual Global Conference

International background screens are unique to the country of research. To bring awareness to HR professionals that are impacted by an international workforce, we will be attending the SHRM-Texas State Council 11th Annual Global Conference on Thursday, February 9, 2012.

International research varies from country to country and changes frequently with the moving political landscape. ISP stays abreast of the legal aspects and cultural norms that can influence the type of research we can conduct and what is acceptable to report. For years, we have been a providing clients with a variety of international screening services from criminal and motor vehicle driving checks to residential, education, and employment verifications. Our knowledgeable staff expertly manage the unique challenges associated with these types of checks working hand in hand with our partners and their candidates.

As with all our searches, both domestic and international, ISP maintains the highest level of privacy protection in safeguarding sensitive personal data and we comply with the European Commission Directive on Data Protection as a Safe Harbor Certified organization.

Evaluating Your Screening Provider
There's More on the Table than Just Screens

Background screening providers can offer more than just background screens—they can help you hire the best talent and maintain a competitive advantage.  Unfortunately, many human resources professionals consider screening a commodity; they believe that the screen and the provider are all essentially the same.

To receive demonstrable value from background screening, HR professionals must evaluate more than just the screens and the cost per screen. They must also evaluate the service behind the screens. In the background screening, three essential aspects of service are:



Do you believe that all background checks are the same? You're not alone. However, subscription to this myth is causing HR professionals to waste time and money, lose the best recruits and allow undesirables past the front door.

"Background Screening 101" includes:

  • A basic overview of common screening pitfalls
  • Screening inadequacies
  • Danger signs of a sub par provider

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Current HR Updates

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